Fine Art Portraits are where dreams become reality. Where fantasy and make-believe live in the real world.

These are not portraits like most people are expecting. You will not find neatly arranged families in a row wearing the same black shirt and khaki pants. Kids dressed in their Sunday best smiling at the camera are no where to be found. These images are not for those that want common pictures. Fine Art Portraits are for those that dream, imagine, and who look for something special in life. 

These are for those that want images that provoke thought and cause you to stop and wonder. Images you hang on a wall and treat as it as what it is designed to be; art.

Now its not for everyone, and that's ok. Not everyone lives extraordinary lives. Not everyone dreams big dreams. Some people are content to be in a normal world doing normal things, and that is ok. But if you're like me and you crave to see what is around the next corner. You desire to throw off the shackles of the ordinary and step into the place of the magical, you have found what you've been hoping for.

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Like all great art it starts with an idea which we discuss in our initial consultation. Here we discuss ideas of what you like, what types of dreams you have, what are your favorite movies, tv shows, books, etc.. From this I develop a theme for the shoot.

With the theme in place we have our second consultation this is where we finalize the theme with your approval and begin planning location or studio, wardrobe, hair, make-up. Since wardrobe is one of the most important aspects of your shoot we will spend a great deal of time choosing what will be worn. It may be a custom designed dress or a shopping trip to some thrift stores. The goal is to create a look that will support the vision of the final art.

With wardrobe in place we schedule your shoot and location. We start about an hour before actual shooting time so make-up and hair can be finalized. During this time I am setting up lights and doing the final preparations for your shoot. When your make-up and hair are done we shoot a series of images. Depending on the set we are creating multiple images may be required to create the final look we need.

After the session the post processing of the images takes a few weeks. Once they are completed we go the review process where you select the art you want to display. All Fine Art prints start at a size of 10x15 or larger. The best of the Fine Art prints; canvas wraps, metal prints, and frosted glass create gallery quality prints for your art. 

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